Figured It

Feb 26, 2009 in

Uh oh... he said he figured it out. Ahaha, I doubt it!! I'm waiting for me to tell me...

Oh gosh... I'm in trouble... uh oh. I hope...

He figure it out. Eh, he's got 3 tests to go through. He'd better pass them!! Well, test 1... he passed it. Now #2...

He's pretty... umm... oh, never mind. You'd never understand. Ahahahaha. This is crazy. And I DO know what can happen what will happen if I'm... oh... forget it.

"So keep breathing,
I say that I'd always be there,
Now I mean it more than ever before,
There's a future worth fighting for,
So don't be scared,
I know how you must be feeling,
With no one to help you carry the pain,
I'm coming to save the day..."

Gosh, that was beyond gorgeous. David... you're so dang... perfect. And he's so... oh, you'll NEVER understand it. Ever.

OMG I... this guy is just like sitting wherever he is and letting me blab everything away to him. Ahhhhh, no one else can do that like him. Just doing his homework and listening (reading) to everything I'm telling him and going 'aww' haha. I'm such a blabber. ILH 'cause he's being all sweet to me. Aha. That's his nature. He's the best... I always feel so happy and... worryless after talking to him. Too bad I'm such a little thing. He'd squish me. Hahaha. Oh yeah, he'd squish me... 14 inches taller. Wow... I should be scared. 14 inches. That's scary... Oh well. I still adore him for letting me... blab. Aha why are we talking about height? I'm a tinyyyy little creature.

Ahaha, this is weiiiirrrrdddd.

Ahaha... it's so nice to blab to someone that you don't personally know. It's like, you can tell your life story, and they won't even... you know? They can't come up to your face and... or they can't tell your friends. I'm pretty close to this dude... aha I only tell these kinda things to 2 people... oops, he just left... he'll be back later ahaha. Eww his toe. Why'd he have to tell me that? Ahaha... it's a cute (?) story though, but... a little bit creepy, you know? Oh, never mind... ahaha. This is crazy.

I've got a bad feeling... what about, I won't say.

"We're finally breaking into the daylight,
In the warmth of the sun,
I will stand by your side till your fear passes on,
So just look in my eyes,
And baby try to hold on and you find it won't be long.~"

Oh, David. I love him. So, so painfully much. Don't even ask...

Davidddd... take my hand...

Chao I GTG now!! Luvyah!!