~*Guy Survey*~

Feb 2, 2009

*Someone made us girls suffer by doing his Girl Survey, and he got major info from that so... PAY BACK TIME, GUYS!!! Aha I'm gonna be more brutal than Amanda was!!! Bhahaha...*

  • Your girlfriend is caught cheating on you redhanded. What do you do?
  • Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Do you have anything planned or do you panic?
  • Do you like girly girls? Why/why not?
  • Would you rather be like Zac and have the girl ask you out, or would that be your job?
  • The girl always cries during the breakup. So true or so false? (Personally I think this is sexist but whatever. You can have you opinions)
  • Would you go shopping with your gf?
  • What would you do/say to her if she's upset?
  • Would you presure your gf to do something she doesn't want to do?
  • How long would you wait to call your gf to say 'sorry' if you upset her?

Okayyyy... Part 2 coming soon... you know how to answer this!! Copy, paste, ANSWER!! Be honest otherwise don't even bother answering. Bwahahahahaha!!!