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Feb 4, 2009 in

I love blog skins... I wish they had the 'comments' section. Ugh. The skins are so cute!! Just go to www.blogskins.com they have the best if you really bother to search!! Seriously!! Ugh...

Well, I'm still in shock with myself. Me? The original hater of Twilight wanting to read it? Great. Stuff me in the closet if I start blabbing on about Edward or Jacob. But I've got the terrible feeling I will... ugh.

I wish I could really write what I feel. You know why?

“I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. Night,” said Daniel, getting up. It was already 1 a.m. and the movie they’d been watching had just finished. “Kay. Oops, I nearly forgot. Where do I sleep tonight?” asked Hope, getting up too as she was equally drained out.

I know how I'd just love to end this paragraph!!

"There're no other rooms so... with me," replied David, as a thought slowly creeped into his head, forming a mischievious smile on his face. Hope had the very same thought lingering in her mind.

But, of course, I had to be a good little girly and write...

“They’re some empty rooms upstairs. I called someone to tidy them up before we came so you can chose whichever you want,” replied Daniel just as a yawn escaped from him.

Now why can't I write that? I so wanna. Ugh. Heyyyy maybe I should. Then I could publish it under a pen name, but where's the fun in that? Tell me, which is more fun? The first version of the ending or the second one? Huh? Huh? Which one? The first one, right? Yeah, I thought so. The second one is so dull, boring, and no fun whatsoever. Is it my fault if Daniel and Hope want to...? No, it's not!! If they want to that's THEIR problem - not mine. I just write the scene(s) for 'em. Maybe I should just wait... for a decade. Then finish it. Ugh it's hard to be a good girly.