Byez For Reals

Feb 16, 2009 in

So. I'm leaving tonight... T.T

Ahwww, I said bye to someone yesterday... that was just plain heartbreaking...

*Wails* Wahhhh!!!!

I'm pathetic ahaha.

I just sent my pic to someone... Gosh I hope he doesn't notice how eww I look! Eww I feel like chocking when I look in the mirror, jeez. Ahaha no one else is going to get their grimmy little hands on that pic.

Oh boy... I've got this notion I'll be crying online on a certain (different) someone's shoulder today... he'd better have a water proof shoulder. Or computer screen. Wahhh!!!! I wanna grab someone and cry into their shirt until it's soaking wet. Let's see... who do I want to cry to today? _____? Mmm... __? Ooh, but he ain't online... would he understand? No... I don't think so... the guy hasn't said more than 30 words to me within the past 3 weeks. Yikes. Eh, who cares.

Ok... poor dude I'm really crying to him now o.0 eh, he can handle it :p He'll have to learn how to handle it if he wants to talk to me today :p Bwahaha. Oh, and this guy will not see my new haircut... only 1 person will ahaha. Ya know who ya are ;)


Never gonnneee,
Never farrrr,
In the heeaarrtttt is where youu beloonnggg...

Uncle T & Aunt S - Wuvyah!!
Grandparents - Wubya!!
Uncle ___ - Lubya!!
Aunty ____ - Luvyah!!
Esther - Eeee why can't you come along??
Jasmine - Ditto. Now who am I going to tell about...?
Hexyyyyy - *Wails* *Sniff* I'll miss you too much *cries*
Craig - Same timezone, baby!! Gosh I'm insane.
__ - I'll probably miss you more than I did before... Why am I even posting 'bout you? I doubt
you remember me at all.
Mr. Nasi Lemak - Sorry I ate you yesterday. Hope you forgive me along with your friend Mrs. Curry Laksa.
Gosshhh... I can't type everyone's names!! Jeez. :'( Aww... I would cry if I was the crying type.
But I physched 'cause I'm reading Twilight today!!! Yay!! Eww Robert Pattinson. Ugghhh Taylor Lautnor. Ahahaha... David Archulettaaa!!! Zachary Efron!!!
Chao!! I gotta go now!! I'll try and post from Seoul, Korea!!