Oh Great

Feb 12, 2009 in

Don't mind me. Don't believe anything I say right now. I'm REALLY in a state of insanity now. OMG. I can't breathe. I shouldn't have... *faints*

Turning frantic now...

Gosh!! Torture!!!

I can't/won't say what I'm doing, but I'm not watching TV now, so nothing to do with AI (though I got some bad news 'bout it).

Will... suspect...

Gah!!! Waiting... for it to unfold. Hurry up!!

Mmm... yummy- oops. Can't say that either!! Don't worry, it's a nice food.

Come on!!! Heart thumping... mind bursting... hands aching...

Hurry up!!


OMG why'd I mention 'boytoy' in my class the other day?!