Feb 2, 2009 in

Ooh!! I was so over my blog like... 3 hours ago, but now I'm so loving it!! It's so cute now!!! Aha I managed to put the siggy at the bottom of every post... that site (CBOTB) is so cool!! Hahaha!! Now the only problemo is the header... Eh, I'll figure that out soon enough *winks*!!


The background will take like 5 mins to load the first round, but the 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc...) time you go it'll load in an instant!!! That's pretty much the only kinx to this.


Matt Pokora = AMAZINGNESS. I'm so loving the person *coughyouknowwhoyouarecough* who gave me the link to Pas Sans Toi!! Like Treason is beyond amazing!!! Don't you agree? He's French - yes. I don't understand more than 2 words in Pas Sans Toi - sure, but they're all so dang amazing!!! He's hot, too... Ahaha I feel a new obsession coming on. Uh oh.

Speaking of new obsessions, I'm feeling a Michael Castro obsession creeping up on me!! He's so cute, with those red streaks of hair, and his face structure... *Drools* Oh man. Oh boy. Oh no. I'm so right. NEW OBSESSION ALERT!! Lemme try my best to conceal this one... I don't want my friends to point to my and say 'David's #1 fan' like they do now *ninja*... *Nervous laugh*.