Poem Bonanza

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Valentine soon... so what? I'm gonna be anti-Valentine soon. Whatever.

Now what??

You and me forever just the other day,
But now I'm so betrayed,
There's no way you could ever make it better...

I'm probably going to hate myself for this, but wanna read a new poem? Bear in mind that no one else has read it.

Read it. Judge it, not me.

Stuck in the moment,
Reliving it over and over,
Slowly it plays out in my head,
The wind blowing through my hair,
Leaves falling from above,

The gale whispers in my ears,
Bringing back to me the thoughts that echo in your mind,
I send back my answer,
Through a fallen leaf,

You smile at me,
Your eyes playing with my emotions,
Urgently my feelings beckon,
As I pull you closer and taste your lips,

Sensations overwhelm me,
I feel your strong hands around the nape of my neck,
Tilting backwards I moan,
As I feel the warmth of your body against mine,

Shingles running through my spine,
I feel your arms surround me,
Surrending myself to you,
I know
what will happen next. ~

That's it. Remember: judge it. Not me. Sorry if you think I shouldn't be writing this kind of stuff, 'cause baby, that's life!! Eh heh heh... don't ask what I was inspired by, 'cause you ain't gotta know.

OMG C-Ch-Chris B-Brown has been charged for felony battery?! Chris?! Rihanna's Chris?! Chris punched his beloved Rihanna?!
And I thought the dude was the good guy. What a disappointment. Tut tut tut and I sound like an old woman, don't I? I hate to say 'tut tut tut' but whatever. It fits the occasion. Neither of them will be attending the Grammy's. Ooh looks like the love birds have had a fight!! Drama.

Back to my poem. Eww I'm hating it now. It seemed pretty good to me when I wrote it. Of course, I was sleepy and could nod of to DreamLand at any time, so maybe I wasn't the best judge... And if you really want to know what inspired me to write it, it was Meg Cabot. You know the Princess Diaries series? Yeah. Combined that with my story and BAM! I got the outline. The rest... came from my pencil. Ahaha I'm an insane girl. Lock me up? Nahhh, I'm sane enough compared to freaking CHRIS BROWN!! Or Rihanna. Woowww...

Speaking of the insane love birds, anyone get the feeling they're spending V Day getting mad against each other and dumping everything that symbolises their relationship into the furnace? I do. Poor David. Chris must have really disappointed him. Of course, it COULD be a hoax, but look below at the pic in the article!! It's the Sheriff's Department thingy, so it can't be a hoax... can it?

Enough about the fella, I don't really like him anyways.
What now? Another poem? You asked for it. Well, I'm not sure if I should post it... 'cause it's... personal? Eh, posting it anyways. No one's reading anyway.

Why You?

Think of you,
A song plays in my head,
But why you amongst princes?
I don't think I'll ever know,

Going crazy over you,
Dreaming fervently every single chance I get,
Can't shake you out of my mind,
No matter how hard I desperately try,

Why has my heart chosen you?
Why does my heart race beyond words every time I think of you?
Only my heart know,
But I guess I'm just going crazy,
Yet I don't think I mind the least,

So now tell me - honestly,
If you feel the same way,
I get it if you don't,
But it's nice to know, all the same. ~

I just know I'm rreeaallyyyy gonna hate myself for this, but eh, IDC. I spent THREE NIGHTS on this thing, baby!! You hear me?! 3 nights staring at it. Editing like mad. Ugh. _____'d better appreciate this silly thing. He'd also better appreciate the little side drawings that ached my poor hand!!!

Oh? More poems? Nahhhh... oh, if you insist.


Being here in the midst of nowhere,
Wish I could catch a glimpse of your eyes,
Just a second to hear your voice once again,
Yet I know, even though our destinies were meant to be,
Said the wrong words - my lifetime mistake,

Now I'm all alone,

I take back what I said,
Words too harsh to ever repeat,
This heartbreak will haunt me forever,
'Cause I know you're too special to me to just let slip away,
You're the air that I breathe,
How could I have just...,

Loneliness I feel too much to bear,
Yet life moves on,
Even as I try to look happy,
Full of joy and none else,
The ache I feel inside of me will never fade away,
Try as I may,
This heartache is here to stay. ~

Ahaha, I hope I sound like someone ripped out my heart and tossed it into the open sea.
You know what you should NEVER do/say to me? Neverr tell me how to run my blog. I know (seriously) that half of the way I do this thing is wrong, but IDC 'cause it's me this way!! What's the point of having a little blue bloggie that everyone loves when I hate it?!

Want some quotes I came up with? They're pretty lame, so don't judge me.

'True love is something everyone wishes for, but something few will get.'

The rest are mostly suitable for blogskins...

'Take my hand, and guide me through it all.'
'Hold me tight, never let me go.'

And one of my favourite is not written by me... the author... well, I THINK it's Pete Johnson (The Cool Boffin), but correct me if I'm wrong.

'Do not grieve,
Forever wilt thou love,
And it will never pass into nothingness.'

This is strangely awkward... I think this post is getting too long, what 'bout you? Eh, why should I care?

Now what? I'm... stuck. Michael (Lemming)? Oh, you want me to drool like a babbling idiot? Sure!! The dude's so perfect he could pass for a drone!! His body is perfect, too. Hey! I created him. I should know... Ahaha yummmm. Eww did I just say 'yum'? Okkaayyyy, that's too British for this girl. What other parts of him are perfect? I made him perfectly... OMG I haven't decided what color his hair is!! Hope's blonde... I think he should be... brown. A light, floppy brown. Mmm, all tousled and... what else? Oh yeah!! His eyes... Hazel, soft... secure.

Weird... ahaha peace out!!