Feb 4, 2009

Hey remember that Girl Survey I was talking 'bout? Click here to see it, and click here to see my answer. Ahaha my answer is right at the top of the page, and if you scroll down to the next post you'll see the OP telling me how I can't resist *annoyed*. Yeesh.

Ahaha... annyywwaaayyyssss;

Let's see... how should I bore you today? Oh yeah.

Hey, WHY do I have a copy of TWILLIGHT sitting in my room? Aren't I one of the first people to publicly bash it (not here)??! I'm betraying my own anti-Twillight-ness. Ugh. Maybe it's just Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner calling out to me - yes - I'll admit it, painful as it is - that Taylor is super duper hottilicious (not that I'm the one who coined the phrase *nervous laugh).

So. What now? Hey, my Yichu's on... aha lemme go blame him for me searching for this . YES. That's what I'm doing now. Ahaha...

What else should I do? Make a new blog? Great idea!! This will only be my 9th 2nd BlogSpot blog!! Let's see... FOEG and I only chose that name because I couldn't get any other name that fits the blog skin I wanna use. I am most certainly not the kind of girl who chase guys every where. You know what? I'm making a new post.