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Listening to Treason on full blast, as usual...

I'm super kinda bored so... anyone want to read part of my story? Oh, you don't want to? Well TOO BAD, 'cause you're reading it anyways!! Oh, and don't ask why I changed the poor boy's name from Daniel to Michael. Loonnngggg story.


It was a sunny morning, and Michael was walking over to Hope’s house to see her. They were just friends then, and he was taking her to go to the movies with some other friends of theirs. Michael rang the doorbell, and when nobody answered, he just walked right in. He had never been into Hope’s house and being na├»ve, he was curious to see the place where she lived.

But to his great surprise, he saw Hope standing in one corner, with a man holding a thin, strong whip standing over her. She was trembling in terror and dread, whimpering because she knew what was going to happen next. So did Michael.

He gasped as he saw the whip lash up, then land harshly on Hope’s bare arm, causing an earsplitting and painful sound to ripple between the walls. Like a rattlesnake under the spell of a snake charmer it slithered back down to reside by its master, after causing more than its fair amount of damage.

Michael gasped yet again as he saw Hope collapse down onto the floor, her good arm gently rubbing the raw wound on her other arm. It lay open and Michael could clearly see how it took the shape of the whip. Blood was now showing through her skin, and it began to trickle painfully down towards her hand. But Hope was used to it by now; she knew just how to soothe the pain. Her hands worked in circular motions around the wound, bringing more blood forth. She gritted her teeth together and looked at her father with a look of pure hatred and accusation, for he had been doing this to her all her life

Michael had began to back away, his back still facing the door, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight that had placed itself before him. But when Hope saw him she got up immediately, dragging him out of the house. Michael was still in a state of shock and it showed on his face. Just a brief second before Hope slammed the door shut behind her, Michael saw her father snarl at him – a sight he’d never forget for as long as he lived.

It was then that Hope had finally told him the true story of her life. Michael just couldn’t believe it at first. His friend – his best friend being tortured and abused like that without him even knowing? It didn’t seem possible, but the pained look in Hope’s sad eyes convinced him otherwise.

He wanted to tell someone, but Hope begged him not to. She kept saying that it was best if nobody besides them knew. Michael hesitated. Was this the right thing to do? It didn’t seem like it, but Hope kept begging him, tears gushing down her cheeks in her desperateness.

Michael was forced to do what every molecule in him told him to do, but he didn’t have a choice, for he knew that he’d only upset Hope even more if he told someone, and he didn’t want that to happen, so he kept it a secret. It was their secret, and no one else could ever know.

There was a part within him that loved Hope more than anything – the same part of him that wanted them to be more than just friends. That part was angered by all this; he wanted to shield Hope from all this. But he couldn’t do anything.


That was a flashback after something... traumatic happened. Hmm... I'm liking the name Michael... it's so... strong, and it says so much 'bout the guy... Aww... Michaely can I hug you? You sound perfect to me... Those eyes, that smile...

Enough about him. Thinking about him too long makes me drool like a babbling idiot.

I wonder if it's nice to stalk someone? Hmm... I'd creep the poor dude out of his mind. Heh heh, I'm not planning to stalk anyone though... just thinking of... the past. Heh heh, no one needs to know about those three (or so) years. I didn't stalk... more of... the other way around. Let's just leave it there.

Eh, I haven't done any SHOUTOUTS in days, but I don't feel like it now.

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