Feb 1, 2009

So... what now? I just finished the Amber Spyglass, and let me tell you... the church should really ban it!! But it was exhillarating, and I loved every second of it! I clung on to every word... it's not good morally, but as a book, man! I don't think I'll ever feel the same way again! Wow... besides, who else can make a kissing scene between 12 yr olds actually GOOD? None that I know of! Ahaha Will, Lyra. Lyra, Will. Hmm, if this was the fan world, they'd be... Wyra? No... Wira? Eww... Wilra? Yeah, maybe... Hey, go buy it, like now! Oops, but read the Golden Compass (thanks Oliver), the Subtle Knife, THEN the Amber Spyglass!! It'll never fit otherwise!!

__ - I still miss you, though we're now 'talking'... when will you reply me? All these questions... Missing those little laugh of yours that are so awkward...
Hex - I bet you'll go back to the LA tomorrow.
Yichu - I can't go on DIOH!! Ya know I wuv ya!