Feb 6, 2009 in

I'm bored... wait- aren't I always? Jeez.

Today Katie is online so I can talk to her!! OMG haha we're weird... know what we're talking 'bout? How the guys on the LAF are perfect... Ahaha one of them could barge in at any moment!! One of which would be shocked at me because he'd think I was talking about him (maybe that's true, and maybe it's not) and I'd put the smiley that looks like it's blushing and hug him and tell him it's true. He's perfect. And the rest... will be history. Same old story. It happens every time someone makes a thread titled 'Boys = Dorkfaces' or something like that. It'll be the hottest thread for like a week, then poof!! it's gone. Ahaha I miss one (actually 3) of those perfect guys from the LAF. One of which abandoned me, the other is probably busy or just forget 'bout me, and the last... school is cutting him away from mmeee!!!! I miss those dudes.

LMBO I told one guy he's my dream and he's like o.0 to me. Ahaha I scared that guy ggooodd. I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but I don't care now. Insanity. Aha I don't think I'd mind being surrounded with those lovely guys from the LAF all day. They're sweet...

Oh boy. Went to www.stepheniemeyer.com (which I've been obsessed over since yesterday)... Read what Steph said about her book... I've got this terrible urge to read it now. And I also have this bad bad feeling I'll love it. Gimme a break!!