1 Year And 4 Days...

Mar 17, 2009 in

Gosh... I've known about my gorgeous David for a year and 4 days now... goshhhh. This hurts... time passed so fast... I remember when I first heard his voice like it was just yesterday...

Man... it's been a year. A long year... all dedicated to my David... man I just realized I gave him 1/12th of my life so far... Zac has 3 long years of my life - and counting. Man, 3 years of OZD, 1 of ODD... I have 5 months or so of a different ODD... 




3 long years of OZD man. It's no use denying my love for Zac anymore... last year I tried to deny it, but not anymore. He's the _ __ __ _. Haha someone (not saying who) managed to decode that... how he did that, IDK.

Oh Zac. I love you, but will you ever know I exist?
David, ditto goes for you boy.