Mar 4, 2009 in

Aha, so on LAF I'm talking to 2 guys...

OMG yikes!!! I really shouldn't have said that to him... now he's really mad... gosh!! Oh man. Oh no. He really did it. WERTYUHFLOIPLKJGFUJUDFJH He really did it. Gosshhhh.

Yikes... AIM users with pink colored avis RUN!! I really mean it. Unless you want to be... hit. He's fuming mad. I've never seen him like that ever!! Oh boy am I in trouble. Eh, he can't do anything to me.

Ignore what I'm about to say.

Ayeee!! This silly fella I tell you I like you then you say you don't like me but you still act so dang sweet to me what do you want me to do?! At least... oh this stinks. Haha...