Mar 4, 2009 in

Sorry invisible people. False alarm.

O.o My mum's wearing my jacket now o.O

I love the aurora. I love it. So, so much.

Anyways, I'm... wack. Never mind.

Poem anyone? Whatever. You're reading it whether you like it or not. *Tapes down invisible visitor and chains him/her up*


Told you everything,
Poured my heart out to you,
Yet you crushed me,
Threw me down;
No real answer,

Do you even care?
I'm not sure...
Yet you say you do - just not that way,
But you did that to me...
Did you even think before you threw me down?

Before it all I contemplated;
Taking in all the risks;
You might never talk to me again,
But I did,
And you crushed me without a second thought,

But all you said was that we could never be...
Do you want us to be?
Never even tried,
How do you know what could happen?

No real answer given,
Left my head spinning,
Tried once - twice,
Yet no answers appear to me~

Okayyy... this is awkward... don't even try asking where/how the inspiration comes from... ahaha. I don't think you wanna know *ninja*.

OMG I'm so nervous... I just hit the 'send' button on an email... gosh. Eh, IDC. Whatever happens is whatever happens. BTW this paragraph does not relate to the above ^^. Aha, had to have SOME kind of disclaimer.