I Hate...

Mar 13, 2009 in

My poems. Don't get me wrong, I love to write them, but I hate hate hate what I did for them. My last poem? Well, the things I did/said to get that you don't want to know. I'm sorry to myself, _____ __ ____/_____. Oh jeez. I wish I could tell y'all here, but... I can't. I won't let myself. I really don't want to... no way. Never. I can't.

o.O Someone just said he loves it when I talk in French. Eh, he'd better get used to it. 'Cause I'm loving it. Shoot my translator failed me when I needed it. =.=

Haha... I wanna send a teddy bear to a certain someone... Whatever. I wanted to ____ _ ____, __, ___ _________ _ ______. Whatever this is beyond randomness.

=.= I just emailed someone I saw only like twice in my entire life... haha I bet he'll think 'what a creeper!' XD He can't do anything 'cause I'm 10,000 miles away from him.