Car Crazy

Mar 8, 2009 in

So Raeef and I were so dang crazy in the car. Aha he was playing Crush on his mum's iPhone and we were yelling singing the song like mad!! And he's like 'he's so cute!!' and I'm like YEAH!! Aha, and he's like I wish he was in Rathboneee... and I'm like I wish he was here in the CAR!! And I was all 'I'd faint on him and cling on to his shirt' aha... he wouldn't take it off then... would he? Anyways, I'd win 'cause

a) he'd still be with me.


b) I'd be responsible for the first ever shirtless David pic. XD

and Raeef's like 'I'll take a pic for you!!' and it's like... do you even know what I'm saying?! Aha he said he wanted to kiss his cheek. o.O He also thought I'd like to kiss his (David's! Not his, you big...) lips ''cause I'm a girl' aha. That is so true Yeah, like I'd want to do that.

Aha... so. We were super crazy in the car.

Ooh!! I forgot to tell you about Rizal... he's wack yo. Aha I like to talk to the boy so much aha. He can make me laugh like crazy any time. At dinner he was so crazed that 2 girls around his age walked by and they looked at us him like we were... crazy. Aha. Well, I was laughing like someone was tickling me!! So I guess they were looking at both of us... haha. Funny stuff. Rizal, Rizal, Rizal.