Mar 19, 2009 in

So that quiz was a little bit wacky... ahaha... I saw a very nice quiz in a book once but I forgot which book haha and besides, I don't feel like typing it up.

I cannot. Believe. That the judges. Called Kris - KRIS. A tender vulnerable PUPPY. Whatever Kara. What do YOU know, huh?

OMG I dreamt of sand last night. Thanks a lot Zac. You roll about in a huge sandbox for a couple of hours and I dream of someone getting bitten by a jellyfish in the beach. And me getting my head smashed on rocks. Yeah, thanks a lot Zac. Yeah, IK. I dreamt of jellyfish. And sand. All Zac's fault. He's done way too many things to me. Haha, but it's never gonna stop... I love him too much. No matter what he does... I'll always always love him.

Haha so enough about my weirdo wacko crazy sand dream, what did YOU dream of, huh?

Aww this poor guy is trying to think of good reasons why I should tell him what happens next in my fanfic... Maybe I should...


Ok I did and his reply was 'O.o'. Haha when I asked why he answered that he did that 'cause instead of a disaster it turned out to be a ________ evening. Well, sorry, but you're the one that asked for it!

And the same dude asked me how the Potato Thread got its name. Haha told him. He handled that better than I thought. He asked 'why a potato?' haha no real answer to that. Well, I said 'potato Mike'... and as for how the thread got its name... haha that stays within LAF.

I wonder what's for dinner...