Mar 18, 2009 in

So I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately, now have I? I'll try and make it up to you invisible people now... try being the key word ahaha.

OMG Zac just had another photoshoot!!! One photo was supposed to be X-rated, but whatever I saw it anyways. XD Man he's hot! Oh gosh that pic was all over the internet. It was on perezhilton.com and E! Gosh man did he do that well!

Oh man. Disney won't be happy with him one bit... it wasn't scandalous, but... not very... kid-friendly...? Aha go find it yourself. Search 'Zac Efron dirty'. Don't even ask. Haha, but of course, by now you'll probably have seen it already. Bwahaha I got mine from PH.com !

Bye now! Going to watch AI.