Mar 23, 2009 in

IDK who is in the house right now, but I know Raeef, Robby, and Rizal are here... Robby and Riz are outside playing basketball. They didn't close the door so here everyone is being cold. Aha I love the cold though so whatever. Now everyone's playing basketball. Raeef closed the door so aha not that cold now.

So umm I wrote something on someone's bloggie... haha but it was all messed up, so IDK if anyone'll know what I'm talking about. I was rambling on about cuddly human teddy bears... O.o

I really should go check how my Firecracker thread is doing over at, but I don't feel like facing that been-banned-so-many-times-'cause-you-were-bad atmosphere... ugh those mods hate me. Haven't been banned this year though... I'm not gonna be posting anything like I do over at the LAF 'cause I know it'd be 1, 2, 3, BANNED if I do!! Hahaha... craziness.

So I GTG now and... uhm... do something else on BlogSpot...