Mar 4, 2009 in

You wanna see my iPod? Well, this isn't it, but whatever aha.

Pink Ipod Pictures, Images and Photos

Isn't it just plain adorable? And it has my name printed on the back, too!! I'm syncing it now... Trying to think of a list of all songs I could possibly ever want in my entire life... aha I already have all of David's songs... and some Jesse McCartney... 2 Mileys, some JoBro, and one Taylor Swift...

Any good suggestions?

I've also got Ryan Caberra (don't ask) and some dudes called Simple Plan...

Don't ask why I have the JoBros... their songs are fun. That's it. No OJD whatsoever.

Aha, the format it wack, so I'll continue on a diff post k?