Live From The KCA's

Mar 29, 2009 in

I'm watching it right now.

Dwane Johnson appeared, together with Jesse McCartney outside, talking, Dwane in... boxers.

Dwane Johnson swung in onto the stage. He's doing something with a suitcase... The splashed slime in front of him, but it didn't hit him, Ooh! Slime machine is on. Announcing the nominees now. They have over 90 million votes online.

Ben Stiller and Owen Willson just came onstage to present...

Fave TV Show

Hannah Montana


Zoe 101

Suite Life of Zack & Cody

And the winner is... iCarly.

Wow, Miranda has a squeaky voice.

Now time for some slime baby!!

Record for slime is... skate boarding down an ice track. WTH.

Shia LaBeouf is coming next.

He's on with his co-star, what's-her-name.

Presenting for Fave Voice In Inimated Movie

Jack Black - Kung Fu Panda

Jim Carey - Horton Hears A Who


Jack Black won. He's making weird singing noises.

Victoria Justice was announcing the nominees for the Fave Cartoon TV Show

Pussycat Dolls are on now... haha I've got no idea what song they're singing.

America Fererra is on. Let's see what she's presenting.

Fave Movie

Bedtime Stories

The Dark Knight


Iron Man

And the winner is... HSM3!! Whoot!!

The main cast, including Zac is on.

Whoot the camera went to our boy David!! Zac is talking... aww. He's thanking us. Whoo, he's stinking gorgeous.

Dwane is letting us decide what he'll do tonight. Sing like an opera singer, knit knee socks, or dress like Miley Cyrus. Eww Miley sucks.

Fave Singer

Pusssycat Dolls

Linkin Park



The winner is... JoBros!! Eww.

Jesse McCartney got slimed.

Queen Latifah is on now.

Fave Animated Movie


Kung Fu Panda



And who will win? Madgascar!! WHAT!! I though it would be Wall-E!!

Hugh Jackman presenting right now... he gave Dwane the Key. Haha.

Fave Book

Diary Of The Wimpy Kid


Harry Potter

Winner is for best book series is... TWILIGHT!! WHOOT!!! TAYLOR LAUTNER IS ON ACCEPTING IT!!

Leonardo DiCaprio and the JoBros are up next.

Leonardo won for Big Green Help.

The JoBros are performing SOS and Burning Up. They suck.

Boo!! Miley just won for best female singer. Yeah yeah, whatever, Miley.

David and Paula accepted the award for American Idol!! Whoot!! David's first ever acceptance speech rocked!! Paula's arm was around David's waist the whole time, and while walking onto the stage she grabbed his hand ahaha.