My Hero

Mar 5, 2009 in

Did I ever tell you how I fell in love with David? Well, it makes me want to cry if I tell you the whole thing, but... let's just leave it as it wasn't because of his face... it was because of lyrics.


You can practically see the tears in his eyes... aww! He's so sweet... I love him to bits... and this pic proves that my love for him is worth something because he's genuine.

Maybe one day I'll decide to tell you how I fell in love with him... one day when I don't feel like someone punched me in the head when I think of it. David!!

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Mrs Kamenashi Kazuya said...

oh honey, u love archu so much!! neway, keep up the good work!!

Alicia said...

aha yeahhhh i love my Archie!! XD