Mar 7, 2009 in

Eating oranges now. Whatever aha.

Hey, didcha ever notice that if you abbreviate Save The Day it's STD? Bwahaha, when it first came out I was like the first person to notice that. People were like 'I ♥ STD' and I'm like 'err, go Google STD' and everyone's like 'ooohhhh... hee hee' so yeah, I'd be the reason why no one abbreviates it aha. And if you don't know what it really stands for, it's sexually transmitted disease.

Heh heh...

Now what?




What about you?

Eh, I'm eating lunch... aha. And listening to a song. And trying to write. Ugh. Writers' block is a disease yo.

Vote for David on Vh1!!! Come on!! You can do it!! Just wildcard him at the bottom left!! Type in 'David Archuleta' for band name, and 'A Little Too Not Over You' for song name!! Here's the link!!

Just keep on voting!!

And don't forget XM as well. We've gotta do this. For me, at least? For the lovely and talented and sweet and adorable and hot David Archuleta? For XM you can vote every 5 mins. It's easy! Just keep a tab open!!

Come on. Let's do this!! I've been voting my butt off for Vh1. I think I need help. My fingers are falling off. I've got 3 tabs for Vh1 alone. Why? 'Cause I ♥ my lovely DA aka my hero.