Random Quiz

Mar 19, 2009

Ok so someone sent me a... quiz? Aha I'm gonna do this here... I've gotta think of 20 people first ahaha.

  1. Esther
  2. Rebecca
  3. Shanan
  4. Hex
  5. Craig
  6. Hemi
  7. Rawr
  8. Amyyy
  9. Chris
  10. Fredy
  11. Raeef
  12. Rizal
  13. Rudy
  14. Robby
  15. Rafe
  16. Reze
  17. Eunice
  18. Davey
  19. Nikki
  20. Vanessa
• How did you meet 10?
Umm on DIOH...

• How did u meet 6?
Through a fanfic I wrote... he read my mind even though I don't know him at all.

• What would you do if 20 and 15 dated?
Rafe and Vanessa?!?! I'd be happy for V, but I'd be laughing my head off because V is older. Not by much, but still.

• Did you ever like 9?
Aha depending on what you mean by 'like'.

• How did you meet 4?
Long story involving someone accusing me of... oh, never mind.

• Would number 1 and 2 make a good couple?
Both of them are girls. Never ever.

• Describe 8:

• Do you like 12?:
Yup. He's a funny and very energetic guy haha. Not in that way though he's younger than me. It'd be way creepy.

• Tell me something about 17:
My BFF's sister.

• How did u meet 7?
DIOH chat.

• How did u meet 13??
Last Dec when I was half asleep and half in my PJ's.

• What would you do if 1 just confessed they liked you?:
I'm pretty sure she does... right?

• When was the last time you talked to number 15?:
Sunday, I think...?

• How did u meet 16?
Umm... while I was on holiday...?

• Would you ever date 3?:
No way.

• Would u date 11?
Seriously?!?! Umm... no he's younger than me even though his older bro likes to tease him by saying he likes me but whatever. O.o

• What is 10s last name?:
I don't know... =.=

• Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 19?
Umm... no...? She's a girl...

• How did u meet 18?
A few weeks ago... in a certain Potato Thread...

• What do you think about 20?:
My sort of sis!

• What would you like to tell 14 right now?:
Me wants a huggie.

• How did you meet 19?:
AIM chat I think...

• What would u say to 7:
Do you HAVE to say I like every guy whose name I mention? Huh? HUH?! Fine. Hemi Hemi Hemi. Fredy Fredy Fredy. Do I like them now? Well, according to you, I probably do! Well, QUIT IT. It's freaking driving me insane and I'm running out of 'good' words to say now.

• When did u last see 4: