Mar 21, 2009 in

So Rizal and Raeef just went back home.

Yum I can smell my sausages. Yup. Sausages for dinner babe! Yeesh why do I love that word? Gahhh I need to quit it. QUIT IT.

Whatever I'm insane today.

Went for a blood test... Ugh I could feel the needle penetrating through my skin... but I didn't dare look until it was all over ahah. Then I saw this tube full of dark thick liquid that was my blood. Ugh. Eh, it wasn't that bad though. I survived. Unlike certain someones who don't like needlessss...

Haha so now I'm waiting for my dinner... It smells so dang good. The internet's wonky right now so I can't do much... haha. This is the only thing I can do online right now. So I'm writing on my story... just finished a chapter. Finally no more writers' block so I can write freely. Ahhh this feels lovely.

Internet is back on, so I can post this. GTG now. My yummy sausage dinner is done. I'll post again later I think.