Uh Oh...

Mar 5, 2009 in

I'm... worried for someone whose name I don't even know... Gosh!! Oh, forget it. You're not even reading.

So, anyone wanna read a new poem? Eh, IDC. You're reading it. It's sort of the sequel to No Answers. Here yah go.

Given Answer

Question asked, yet again,
Answer given,
Clear and true,
Heart broken,
Tears break through,

Said it could never be love,
Said it could never be true,
Heart pounds,
Eyes water,

Apologies said,
Given answer true,
Like a poisoned arrow it stings,
Like a thorn it pierces,

Given answer aching,
Reply made agonizing,
Heart calling loud and clear,
Yet plea not heard,

Impossible to possess,
Heart longs,
Body aches.~

You. Don't even. Want to know what I had to do to get that poem. Let's just say it took weeks to develop it, and a whole hour to write it. It. Took. A lot. I mean I ____ ___ ___ ____ _______ ______ _ _____ ___ ______ ____. And you don't even WANT to ask me to unscramble that. Ahh, ____ ____. I'm a horrible person *bangs head*. Don't talk to me unless you want a bucketful of blah.

Stinking poem. Do I hate it? No. Do I hate what I had to do to get it (and 2 other poems)? Yes, very, very much. Whatever. I'm a horrible person. The end. 

Okayyyy, that was awkward...

Now what?

I. Feel like. Throwing a truck out of the window. Don't you even dare ask why.

On second thought, I feel like throwing an elephant that just ate a 10 ton truck out of the window. Why? 'Cause of the thought that I could probably have gotten the tickets to see David if I wasn't stuck in this ice cube!! Ugghhh. The boy's coming on the 10th April. Ugghhhh. My surgery is on the 3rd so obviously I won't freaking be able to get back by then.

This sucks so bad. Excuse me while I hurl something at the next person that asks me if I'm going to the tour. Unless he/she can get me there. Without a 5+ hour drive/flight. Me wants to go to my David's tour. Hmph *pouts like a piglet*.

Shoot. Hey, you got any poetry contests that a non-US citizen/American born can enter in? No entrance fee, online submission, all that load? I found a whole list in a website. I loved one that said "... $50,000 for travel and studies abroad..." until I read "... for American born citizens..."

Whatever. There are plenty more for Commonwealth people like you and me. Hmph.