Mar 13, 2009 in

Aha so this is like, way late, but on Tues I was voting my butt off on AI haha... I only voted an hour though... =.= I could only call, so I got through like 37 times or so... lots of people were calling. Haha I vote X times for Kris Allen, X times for Scott McIntyre, and 1 time for Danny Gokey ahaha. I. Should. Have. Voted. For. Jasmine. Yeesh. Haha, anyways, I kept hitting the big fat 'redial button' bwahaha. That was fun... Then last night I was like Kris Allen Kris Allen Kris Allen 'cause the dude's my fave this year. I'm so glad he's married. I don't need OKD. Eh, I'll never get it. I know. My ODD was so much worse. This year the nervousness only starts when Ryan calls him up. Last year it never even ended. It was a week long jitter. This is nothing for me.

Bwahaha, if you wanna know my username on AI, it's takemyhand. Haha, but don't count on it, I'm a person that gets banned every week or so. That was last year, anyway. Haha, I went through like... 5 accounts. Stinking mods hated me like mad with a deep burning passion. Stevo kinda hates me, too. Well, not really... he did... oh never mind. Tee hee you don't need to know the things I did/said to Stevo.