Apr 1, 2009 in

2 more days... *sighs*. Poor me. Recovery room for 1 - 3 hours, then straight to the ICU aha... Ugh the next day I gotta get up. Eh, I'll see you people then. Haha but the first stop I'll make is to my home in LAF. Aha someone on there was trying to convince me not to go online for a WEEK after my operation... yeah right! As if I'll ever do that. He should know me way way better. Haha I'll get on there when I wake up aha. My dad has a BlackBerry... I can easily hold that tiny thing aha. That guy said 'I tried and I failed' bwahaha. Yeah, you should have never tried!! Tsk tsk I thought you knew me well enough ahahaha.

Go vote for David!! Come on, people! Vote for the boy! I love him! Come on! Share the love!! Haha oh man that sounded weird... But seriously, VOTE!!!

OMG AI in 1 hour!! Wheeeee!!!

OMG I just checked my taggies. Wow never thought... heh heh.

I'll tell you my good news soon, I promise. It's great and... I'll tell you eventually. It's beyond amazing.