I am Home

Apr 12, 2009 in

!!! Hey guys , i am dictating and my dad is typing not that i love communism LOL.

Anyway, i am out of the hospital. Sorry it took me this long to get back here but i am aching all over and i am still in too much pain to type which explain why my dad is typing for me.

So i spent 6 days in the hospital and came out on my parent's anniversary day as contrast to last year i went into the hospital on their anniversary. 

Sorry if the writing is old fashion because i believe my dad is editing but i can't really see that well. I really hope that he is writing the sentence right now.

The hospital was a big pain in the butt. My hands looks like i have been tortured and i will upload pictures once i hook up my camera.

I still hurt a lot and a lot and a lot. I feel like somebody snap my entire bone. My stomach hurt the most, i feel like its half the size now.

My dad wants to say something. 

Alicia is a brave girl and a tough cookie. She is more than a conqueror. She can go through this mountain, nothing is impossible for her.

Well i hope he wrote what he read to me because that was nice. I hope i'd better be a tough cookie because i really don't want to be eaten!!!

Chao! I love you bloggie.