I 'm Mad

Apr 17, 2009 in

I'm uber mad at my sub-conscious mind right now. Grr. It betrayed me in my dreams. I dreamt about ahem someone. I mean, my brain generated him perfectly - the way he looked, the way he acted, even the way he walked!! It was a pretty nice dream actually, but when I woke up it hit me who I was dreaming of. I mean, if my sub-conscious mind is trying to tell me that I've got a crush on him, I REFUSE to believe it. I mean, seriously. Ugh. Or maybe my stinking sub-conscious was suggesting the reverse...? Oh gosh my sub-conscious is disgusting me with the impossibility of such an idea. It's impossible... right? Grr ugh I hate it.

... ok now I'm weirded out. I went to Yahoo! Answers to ask... and I got 3 answers in 1 min. Oh no. Ugh.