Apr 25, 2009 in

Ok, so remember I said I had uber good news?

Now remember that big fuss I kicked up ("kick awesome" - Kris Allen) over not being able to meet David in Malaysia? Well, I'm gonna see him!! Aha whoot!!

Oops. I'd better tell you where. SAN DIEGO!  I. Am. Flying. South. To. San Diego. Aha Team Archie FTW!!! ILY guys. XD

Whee aha that's been all I can think of the past few weeks (sorry I didn't tell you)!! And there're LOTS of Archies from LAF who are going, too!! So I get to meet my friends, AND DAVID?!?! It seems to good to be!!

Oh, and it's June 20th, BTW. June 20th... the day I'll meet my hero.

And I've got another awesome news, too. I'll tell you once it's confirmed.