Today Is The Last Day/300th Post!!

Apr 3, 2009 in

So tomorrow it is, today is the last day, this is my last post. This is going to be my last post. I think. I'll be back in a day or two... And this is my 300th post, too!! I love you bloggie. *Sighs* This is the hardest thing ever to do. I'm like shaking right now... I'm on LAF, too... leaving my blog to fend for itself is hard enough, but knowing that these are going to be my last few posts in LAF - the place I've been calling home - for a while... it's heartbreaking!!

And now I'm emailing people...

*Sighs* I've been sighing such a lot lately.

So... this is my last post... for now. *Sighs* for now... that sounds weird. I don't wanna leave my blog! I don't wanna leave LAF!! They're my homes...! IK it sound weird to call a fansite home, but... I've had plenty of memories in there... and I just got my 11,000th post, too...

I don't wanna stay here any more... I love y'all!!

And I promise I'll be back soon.

PS. Maybe I'll post again later if I'm in the mood.