AI Opinions

May 7, 2009 in

Kris: I know that he won't win, even though he's my fave. I mean, I can imagine him as runner up, but not winner. According to dialidol, there's a big chance that he'll be out this week, and based on the other contestants as well as his performance, I agree. However, the phone lines were always busy last night when I called; impossible to get through.

Adam: The obvious winner of AI8. Which is exactly the problem. It's almost a fact that he'll win, which I think he might not. Remember Daughtry? And as for this week, there's a slight possibility that he just might be out. I'm not denying that he was great - as usual - but this is his forte. His expected best. His fans won't vote as hard as they would on a week that they thought he might be in trouble.

Allison: I have no idea what place she'll come in, because she, although talented, she will always be in the shadows of Adam, as long as she's in AI, but she might surprise you.

Danny: No comment. He's too... regular.