May 18, 2009 in ,

FINALLY!!! Finally I got a header up on my blog!! Ok, IK there was nothing wrong with the background, but I just kinda got tired of it, and I really hated the fonting so I changed it to this cute little set-up. I'll be getting a new header soon... And yes, that dude's eye in my header is Zac and the other hottie is my lovely David. And I've got no idea why it says 'love me' at the top. It was actually 'love me tender' 'cuz I was writing song lyrics, but I guess the 'tender' part didn't make the cut.

So yeah, I'm phsyched to have FINALLY solved this header problem that's been bugging me for half a year. Yes, HALF A YEAR. I did like a new blog and... well, it's complicated and I hope I never have to do that again. Didn't take too long though... like... well, after dinner until now. I was messing around with some stuff and it really bugged me... I thought it'd take like a month of experimenting, but nope!! Life loves me and wanted me to finish this tonight. Yayyyyy!!!!! I'm so happy ahaha.

Since this isn't the finished product, I can't ask you what you think yet... I wouldn't have put it up so fast, but I was just really sick of the background, and I hated the no header thing so I figured I'd put it up first and at least give the amazing Hazel (who's also doing my new header) some credit for this one... I believe it was sitting up there for a few weeks until CNY when I was playing with the codes and accidently got rid of everything... Some of you might remember my blue theme. I hope you don't, though. That thing was dang ugly compared to this loveliness.