Follow Friday

May 16, 2009 in ,

Ok so it's follow Friday here in TweetLand... Oh, and AllisonOfficial aka Allison Iraheta's Twitter, is a fake and not her.

Follow David Archuleta, and yes, he's confirmed that it is him.

And... FOLLOW ME. Yes, I'm promoting myself LOL I don't care. KeepMeNear is me ahaha.

OMG I just Googled myself 'cause I wanted to see if my Twitter was there and WTH do I have 2 Linkedln pages??!?? I don't even know what that is!! Ok so I just signed up 'cause

A) It wouldn't let me view her/my profile without and account
B) I'm bored

So... it isn't an autobot. I think it's a real person LOL. *Freaks out* OMG OMG I can't delete my account!! Ok so I just emailed them to delete my account... hah I've got accounts everywhere. I don't even know which name I used to sign up for what. Once I signed up again on some site 'cause I didn't know I had an account so yeahhh...