May 29, 2009 in

So I'm at Y! Answers and I posted a fanfic I wrote... well, I posted Chasing but whatever and I asked how old they thought I was. Lol I got nice answers... And good criticism that I didn't ask for aha.

And now I'm editing and trying to think of a senseless plot for a random/awkward/bad fanfic. Eh, I'm gonna do one of those classic love confessions th
ingy. Did that before... or maybe a honeymoon one ahaha. But then I can't post it here... 'cause if I do it might be... to much for this blog LOL 'cause this is rated E... and not ahem.

I asked a friend to rate one of my fanfics before...  Photobucket

Aha she gave a valid reason though... Hmm maybe I'll write a... not-for-my-blog one and give you guys (if you're there) one that I wrote a long time ago... my first one actually. After I edit it 'cause I'm sure it's bad...