My AI Prediction

May 21, 2009 in ,

Note: The following might contain spoilers from DialIdol and etc. Also, any gat comments made are not meant to insult anyone.

I really think Adam will win, because, seriously, he's already been crowned right from Hollywood Week. But he also may not, because everyone thinks he'll win. The Allison votes, that, of course, will go to him, won't amount to much, because no hardcore fan would actually vote more than 5 mins just for the sake of saying 'I voted' after their fave has been kicked out. Some not so hardcore fans for Adam might not vote as hard, because the take for granted the fact that he has already 'won'. Kris stands a chance of winning, because of these loopholes, and also the size of his fanbase. Kris's rendition of Heartless last week also probably got him more fans.

Still, Adam's probably gonna win... given his reputation. He also has a lot of gay votes, for obvious reasons. But is the rest of America ready for a gay Idol? I'm not sure, but the world has begun to change.

Kris, I love you, but sorry... I don't think you're gonna win. But hey, at least you can sing whatever you want for your first single!!