May 21, 2009 in ,

Ok, so I chopped off a bit of my story and decided to make it a prolouge... it kind of sums up the conflict, and doesn't give anything else away, so yeah... here you go.

Dear Michael,

I’m begging my dad to let you see me… please help me.

I miss you more than you’ll ever know.



Michael looked at the letter in despair. Part of it was wrinkled and smudged with ink; the last remains of a tear. What could he possibly do to convince her dad to let him see her? He couldn’t think of a single thing, yet he got a piece of paper and wrote the only thing he could promise her:


I’ll try.

I’ll be waiting for you every day by our lake until I see you.



I want something to sign off other than 'love'... *sighs* oh well. And yeah, that was the worst piece of writing ever. My writing ain't that good 'cause I'm no Stephenie Meyer much as I wish I was. Love it, hate it, tell me what you think.