So I'm Doing That FanFic

May 29, 2009 in ,

And I just know it's gonna end up in the 'things you want David to do for u' thread 'cause that's the kind of fanfic it is!! Yay LOL. It's gonna be a one-shot thing 'cause I ain't doing like 6 stories at once!!

Now I'm reading a story from ahh love it! It's so awesomeee.

LOL gah this is such a cheesy fanfic that I'm writing. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TRYING TO DO. CHEESY FANFICS FTW. O.o But it's cheesy hence not worthy of it's own thread or posting it here HAHAHA.

I sounded crazy. =.= Eh, oh well. Archies are known for our... craziness. And being fanatic. Hah fangirliness is our speciality. Remember the TCAs? We beat the JoBros fans! They were so sore with us 'cause of that!! Yikes. All we did was vote our butts off. Now how did I get to this subject?

Eh, I gotta go now!!

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