May 7, 2009 in


Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is intended to offend anyone. If such is done, please disregard this post.

Who here knows what I mean? Wait- of course you do. Rewrite!!

Who here agrees with me?

I mean, seriously, forget Twilight, forget your feelings for the characters. Would you pick

A) Someone stone hard, ice cold, with a burning desire to kill you? Someone who has to refrain from killing you.


B) Someone strong, but with no desire for your blood. A... personal space heater. Someone mortal, who can quit being supernatural. Someone who can give you a normal live.

Seriously. I'm Team Jake all the way baby!!

Mmm... Island Esme ahah- oh wait, no, I probably shouldn't comment on that ahaha. Heh heh heh. I liked... hmm...

OMG MY FAVE BOOK IS BREAKING DAWN. BD FTW!!!! Aha but it was kinda diif from the rest of the series for me 'cause of **spoiler** the whole vampire thing... Bella turning into one - wait, no - Bella marrying Edward was EPIC. But you always - ALWAYS - lose the story if the characters get married... that's why you drop the series after high school!!

Ugh I GTG. Now. Byezz!!