This Is Interesting

May 19, 2009 in ,

So I figured out how to do the header and etc, but now I want to get a favicon. Making one'll be pretty easy, but getting it up is another problem. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need one, which I don't, because who actually looks at them, anyways? But of course, my brain isn't listening, and I'm probably gonna obsessed over it for the next month or so. Great. Just plain great. I just can't be happy with having a cute little blog without wanting something else, can I? First it was skins/templates, then the header issue (still don't know what went wrong), and now, THIS.

If anyone wants to stop me from getting overly obsessed with something as unimportant as a favicon, feel free to help me. And for those of you who've got no clue what it is, look up at my blog address. See the B thingy? That's the BlogSpot favicon. Go to YouTube and you'll see theirs. I don't want to have this one - I want a new one!!

Help if you can; Google, go on Yahoo! Answers... I really don't want to go all blog-crazy again. Yes, AGAIN.