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A/N: A brand new story that I just finished 5 minutes ago. It's kinda cheesy, but oh well. It took me around 45 minutes to write because I was bored, and I use weird words and awkward phrasing when I'm bored. It's called experimenting.


You watch the butterflies flutter by; a tiny rainbow of pink, lavender, and the most gorgeous shade of gold you’d ever seen. You twist your head to the left to see Henry, your boyfriend, beside you.

You think wistfully of how you wish he’d tell you he loved you. He’d everything but proclaimed his love for you… Those kisses under the old willow tree, those long walks under the moonlight… they’d have been perfect for him to tell her those 3 words, but he hadn’t. Would he say them to you today?

You find his gorgeous hazel eyes – the windows to his soul – looking deep into yours. What was he thinking? She couldn’t be sure, but he had the sweetest smile ever. Those lips… one corner pulled up just a little more than the other, a nice red color.

The day was beautiful, the sun high in the sky, and the wind blowing through your hair. Birds were chirping all around, and there was only one thing that could possibly make this day better.

“Your name here, I want to tell you something…”
“What is it, Henry?”

Your heart pounded as you thought of what he could possibly want to tell you. If it was those 3 words… you were certain you’d die in his arms.

“I-“ Henry broke off halfway.
“You look beautiful today,” he finished quickly.

It was obvious that he wanted you to forget what he’d said before. He give him a slightly puzzled look.


You wanted to know what he was going to say…


He looked down at his hands, playing with his fingers. Suddenly, he looked up and looked deep into your eyes, you felt yourself melt into them, your body turning helpless and vulnerable against his piercing gaze.

“I love you.”

Your heart skipped a beat – those words, coming from Henry’s velvet-smooth voice… from those eyes. The way he looked at you when he said that – there was no denying he spoke the truth. There was no hesitation in his words.

“Henry I-“

You began to reply to his words, but his lips silenced your words forever. His mouth moving in sync with yours, gentle yet urgent at the same time. His fingers caressed the back of your neck, and you reached your hand up, running your fingers through his hair. The passion between the both of you grew stronger by the millisecond.


A/N: So I need to write better kissing scenes. Like you can sue me for that. Yeah right.

There will NOT be a sequel/next chapter to this due to lack of plot.