Recap Of The Best Day Of My Life (20/6)

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Ok, so you can either go to the Team Archie site, or read the below ahaha. I'm pretty sure you know by now that this will be all I'll take about for the next few days...

Sorry it's so dang long LOL just so... breath-taking.


So… let’s start from the Del Mar fair when Matt (Boomer, who is beyond amazing) got the call… Right after he came back from it he had this big smile on his face and the next thing we knew, we were racing to the ticketing area. Once we got there, Matt talked to the ticketing person then he and my dad started running to get the passes. My mom and me waited by the benches then my head started spinning… I really felt like my brain had exploded! I thought a random person who looked nothing like David was him!!

Then, a little while later Matt and my dad (who was huffing and puffing) came and then the… person who worked there told us where to go, then we started racing to the M&G which was ay 6:30!

Then, when we finally got there… I saw him and started to go towards him even though someone asked me to stop. It was like my entire focus was just on him and him alone, until Matt tapped my shoulder and I came back to earth (oopsies).

Right there and then, he said the most amazing hello I’ve ever heard in my life. “Hi Alicia!” and that was like… I had no idea he knew my name! You know how in some movies someone that you never thought would even think of you calls your name, and you just know that in a decade you’ll still remember the exact moment? Well, that was exactly how it was like, except that it was real.

After that, about a minute later, I got a hug from him!! Ahh, my shoulder still feels warm… hug of my life!! That is just plain indescribable. Oh gosh, I don’t think a hug could ever feel the same as those…

Then I got a picture with him!! I was shaking so bad and probably had the goofiest smile just plastered there. And oh, my gosh, when he put his arm around by back for the pic… oh man, that was… let’s just say my back is pretty sore all times except then.

My brain was just mush the whole time!! It was every single good emotion all at one time. The fact that he was really there, such an amazing person, and even more gorgeous in real life was just surreal.

This was my brain the entire day: Omg I’m going to hear David Archuleta sing!! Eeeekk!!

And later: Remember to breathe. Stop shaking. *Random letters* Pancakes or waffles. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. *More random letters* *squeals* *loses brain voice from squealing* Pancakes. Waffles.

I got a few autographs from him, too!! And in the poem book that Team Archie was amazing enough to make for me, he wrote more than just an autograph… I’d say what he wrote, but I just can’t think about it! It sends shivers down my spine then every thing just blurs out of my vision. I think there’s a pic here, though!

Watching him write was the most beautiful thing ever… and it was so sweet of him to write that!! It is unbelievable…

The entire time I could only just cling on to the one question I really wanted to ask him. Whether he preferred pancakes or waffles. It was so hard to not forget it!!

The one and only adjective I used the whole time talking to him was ‘amazing’. I have no idea why, but that was the only word that came naturally.

And I got another hug (or two. I felt too dizzy to count), too!! He is the most amazing person ever!! He has an amazing glow about him that isn’t humanly possible. And his smile! It is by far the most gorgeous grin I’ve ever seen in my entire life and probably ever will.

And somewhere between all this amazingness, I asked my waffle question!!

“David, can I ask you something?”
“Do you umm like pancakes or waffles?”
“Umm actually, I prefer crepes!”

So, there you have it! Well, not really… he went all neutral in such a way that I didn’t notice haha. That was a pretty silly question, but I’m so so so glad I asked him that because he rambled on about crepes for a good few minutes!! “I like crepes but that’s me, I guess”. Oh David. He’s just adorable!! So this was for whoever really loves pancakes or waffles, and apparently, crepes!

The weird thing was that every time I just flashed my glance away from this amazing hero, my vision would literally just blur out. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t focus at all. Then I’d look at his face again, and that heavenly glow would just flood through me and I can see again. There is no way I can describe it properly.

Let’s see… what happened next? Oh yeah… David asked me “what’s your favorite song?” and I immediately said You Can without even thinking about it, because that is my favorite song. Then somebody asked him “are you singing it tonight?” and he answered “I guess so!” and he had the most adorable David-ish smile on his face.

Some time during this, my dad asked for a picture with him. Get ready; this is definitely the funniest thing ever. My dad asked again, holding out the camera, and you know what David thought? He thought that my dad wanted him to take a pic of us!! 2 seconds later when I figured out I was like “oh gosh” and trying so hard not to laugh! Oh man, I love him. Did I mention I love the look on his face when he’s confused? Thankfully, he figured it out and posed for a pic with my dad.

After that (or before), he noticed my hairband and was like “that is cool looking” and I was giggling and saying thanks and giggling some more…

So then, after everything happened, David had to leave… oh man that priceless.

After I quit shaking and everything, we went to the concert. Kina Grannis was playing when we got there.

Then, David came on. The whole place was screaming and thumping, and… squealing. He sang ALTNOY first… that was mind blowing!! If you just focused on him alone, and blocked out everything else, it was like you could see the entire universe. I have no idea how to explain it.

A few songs and plenty of shrieking later, he sang You Can. Oh gosh, when he said… what he said at the beginning… that was like… beyond my wildest imaginations. It was… just plain beyond amazing.

His singing was phenomenal.


Oh man... he was so... wow. And if you don't know what he said... just watch the first 10 secs of this:

Amazing and beyond. It meant the world to me...