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Jul 4, 2009 in

To 500!! Whoa I think I blog way too much. Oh well, blogging is funnnn. Spazzing while you're blogging is even more funnnn.

I feel loopy today.

Loopy reminds me of bunnies.

Ooh, lunch is ready! Oh gosh it looks good. Baked chicken and corn... yum! It tastes just as good as it looks!! Haha are you getting hungry right now? Hmm it's 3am where you guys are... unless you're not from Malaysia, then, well you know what time it is where you are. It's 12 here right now. Well, 11:59 but- ooh! Now it's officially 12.

Gosh, why's the weather so warm? The other day it was 41'. Blech I liked it better when it was 25' or so...

Almost done with lunchhh.