500th Post

Jul 15, 2009 in , , , ,

OMG. MY 500th POST. I NEVER THOUGHT I'D HAVE 500 POSTS. THIS IS SO, SO, SO AWESOME. Whoa, 200 posts in 3 months. That's cool. And overly blogged. This is amazing. 500 is a real big number. *Happy tears* I'm so proud of my bloggie. Haha. Whoa, I didn't know I blogged this much. I haven't been blogging for a year yet!! That's interesting lolz. Ahz, I'll be so happy when I get 1,000 posts... That'd be like... whoa. This is... I'm so happy. 500 posts... I remember I started my blog in Oct.
Lol I love icecream. Who doesn't? I wonder if David likes icecream... and what kind? Like, vanilla, choco, or whatever... Hmm. I wanna know ahahazzz.
I like all kinds of icecream. I like mint. Ooh, I haven't eaten mint in a long time!! Hmm I wanna eat some.
Ok, I just finished my icecream... *looks glumly at spoon* oh well. Haha. If I eat too much I'll get all fat, and I do not want that. Haha.
Awwz, David just tweeted. I hope he's got some eyedrops or something.
Ooh, my dinner's gonna be yummy tonight!! Yayyy. I love the oven.
Hey, and you guys should really get AIM if you don't have it. It's so awesome. Way smaller than msn...
Omg there's something wrong with my internet. I can only type this 'cuz it's already fully loaded and whatnot. You know what I mean lolz. Right? Ahhhhhz. I want my internet lol. Oh, ok, it's back. Yayyyyy, that's awesome. Dang it. Gone again. This is really, really weird. I want my internet back.
Btw, I'm watching this really cool movie on tv right now... aha. Ooh, it's finished. It was a really good movie.