Bubble Gum

Jul 20, 2009 in

I'm eating bubble gum right now... ahhz, I love bubble gum. Do you? It's so... chewy lol. How long can you chew them? I always chew 2 at a time... it's fun to blow 'em. Until it pops in your face and you spend half an hour picking pink gum from your face.

Anywayssssss, I just realized my blog's bubble gum pink. I like bubble gum pink. It's bubble gum-ish.

And tomorrow is the 20th... *happy tears*.

Btw, I love the gum here. I'm gonna bring a gigantic stack back hahaha. It's so much better here. Like, seriously.

Wow, I'm blogging about bubble gum. Now I know how much I love it lolz.

I'm going out in a few hours... to... bubble gum land. Haha.

And, even though it's not bubble gum related, I was on Y!A and saw this really dumb question lol. Nvm...