Going Home

Jul 14, 2009 in

A/N: This is a random prologue type thing I did for a fanfic that I put on hiatus. I changed the name on here because I didn't feel being a fanfic writer on my blog lolz. This prologue came in 2 parts, but I don't feel like posting the first part just 'cuz. Haley and Johnny are 5 here. I didn't edit it, so sorry if it's bad.

Little Haley bounced on her hospital bed as she waited for the doctor to come tell her she could go home. It was three days after the accident, and she was beyond sick and tired of the stale hospital air and never being allowed to go out to play.

“Haley, sweetie, sit back down. You’re going to hurt yourself, and you don’t want to stay here longer, right?”

At the sound of her Aunt Mary’s voice, she abruptly stopped and sat still. Wasn’t her dad supposed to come? Why was Aunt Mary here? Where was her dad?
“Where’s my dad?”
“He… he won’t be coming to pick you up. You’ll come and stay with me and Johnny, ok hun?”

Her good mood was dashed as she realized that her dad wasn’t coming to fetch her. Great, she’d lost her mom already, and now her dad didn’t want to see her? Great. Just plain great.

“Johnny? Johnny!”

A smile lit up her little face when she saw her best friend standing meekly behind his mother. Her dimples deepened as her grin grew wider, stretching from her left to her right cheek.


Haley ran to her friend and completely smothered him in a bear hug. Her floppy blonde hair splashed over his shoulder as he returned the embrace.

“I missed you Haley.”
“Me missed Johnny too.”

They broke apart when they heard the doorknob turn.


She looked up with her big shining baby blue eyes. The doctor was standing at the door.

“Are you ready to leave?”
“Yes I am!!”

She was still grinning wider than possible by now.

“Come here, sweetie, I’ll take your tag off and you can go, ok?”

Nodding ecstatically she lifted her wrist up to Dr. McHale. He clipped the little hospital wristband off and stuffed it into his pocket.

“Can I go now?”
“Of course!”

She grabbed Johnny’s hand and dragged him out of the door.

“C’mon Johnny! Hurry up!”