I Just Realized

Jul 15, 2009 in ,

That the prologue thing that I posted made almost no sense at all. Oh well. That's what I get for posting part 2 without part 1 HAHAHAHA.

And that I'm going home in more or less a month. 5 out of 6 months complete!! Danggg. I wonder how the 20+ traveling will be... yikes. That's not gonna be too fun. I'm gonna miss the lamp posts here. Yeah, I'm weird like that. I'm gonna miss the lamp posts of all things. They're so pretty here lol. I'll take a pic of one next time I go out if I remember... Omg I'm blogging about lamp posts. MAN that's weird. Oh wellz.

I also just realized that the chapters in my stories have been too long. That's why they come in like 3 parts lol. Hmm have any of you read my longer fanfics? Maybe I'll post Relapse! one day haha. On second thought, if you wanna see it you're gonna have to find it 'cuz I don't wanna post it 'cuz that's really awkward 'cuz I wrote it a while ago, and did like, no editing. Lolz. Okay, I'm rambling now. Well, that's not good.

Oh well. Rambling's fun. Right now I'm loving my email lolz. I mean, the name of it and everything ahaha. So, yeahhh.

I'm gonna go work on some random story now. And someone gave me this idea that I need to write, but it doesn't have a plot or character ideas, so... that's tough. It's gonna take a whileee to come up with everything lolz.

Ok, so bye for realz now.