Jul 14, 2009 in

Hmm, I don't remember the last time I told my blog I love it lolz. So, yeah... ily bloggie. ♥

Lol I really like how it looks now. It's like pink, but not too pink, 'cuz of my header. I think I've got an obsession over making my blog perfect... it's so weird. I like it all pink but not pink. Like it is now lolz.

Ahh, a real blogger wouldn't blog about complaining about this and that little stuff about her blog or saying how happy she is about the look of it. Oh well lol. I like blogging about my blog.

I wanna eat a crepe. I've never eaten a crepe. It's funny how I can blog about my blog and crepes in the same post. It's really weird. I've never eaten a crepe. I Googled 'crepes'. I mean, when I got back from San Diego. Crepes look good lol.

Ok, well I'll stop blogging and get to writing now. Sayonara amiga/os.