Jul 5, 2009 in ,

Hmm I've been watching like reallyyy old David vids aha. Idk why... I watched Shop Around again, too!! Lol I was addicted to that song, like, stuck on replayyyy.

Ooh, there's a documentary about bears on tv. I should probably change this title to 'watching a bear documentary and old vids' lolz. Oh, eww, raw salmon. It's red, and squishy... I miss fish. The bears are furryyyy... and chubby. Chubby brown bears. Their fur is so thick!!

Haha David's tweets are so adorable!! @DavidArchie . I'm not going to go on about how cute they are just cuz that'd take like the rest of the week and be like a hundred pages long lolz. *Coughcookiesugarhighcough*

Wait, one of the bear's names is... Tooyoke? I've got no idea how to spell that ahahazzz.

Ooh, and I got a new flashdrive!! Uploaded all my pics on there. Can't everrr lose those pics!! And uploaded some fanfics and whatnot too. Changed the icon cuz the bland white thing titled 'NO NAME' looks really boring lol.

I miss eating sushi.

Now the bear documentary is all about salmon... Whoa those fish swim 10,000 miles.

Mmm eating pancakes and maple syrup now!! Gosh the syrup tastes good.

OMG pancakes remind me of crepes!! Eeeeeeeeek. Need. To. Find. Crepes. Pronto!!

Eww the bears are tearing the salmon apart.

Haha I'm going out later...

Ok I'll uhh stop randomly blogging now.